Creativity Center

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Situated directly north of the BCPA, The Creativity Center, an arts education facility, was envisioned as the third leg of Bloomington’s Master Plan for a Cultural District and has already secured around $1,000,000 in private funds towards its $5,200,000 goal.

The Creativity Center will be a place where artists and arts groups can come together as stakeholders in a Common Shared Home. It will also be a place where not-yet-artists can better understand The Creative Process and find their value and their voice. Guided by the concepts of respect, discipline, kindness, celebration and collaboration, we intend to seek out innovative ways to enhance learning, address mental health issues and increase more productive means of communication and socialization.

BCPA Creativity Center


Today the Creativity Center is being used for a variety of arts education programs.  The BCPA has established widespread use of the building by a diverse group of community arts groups to bolster our fundraising efforts for its eventual renovation. Current users include Miller Park Summer Theatre, BCPA Spotlight Summer Theatre Workshop, The Holiday Spectacular, Inc., The Diversity Project, BCAI School of Arts, Walk-In/Bike-Out, and the Downtown Bloomington Association. The building isn’t pretty, but is perfectly safe and provides something critical every artist needs: space to create.

Post-renovations, it will be a mixed-use arts space, including a black box theatre, classrooms for fine art instruction, dance studios, music practice rooms, recording studio, and more. The center will also drive traffic downtown, contributing to the revitalization of downtown Bloomington.

The Creativity Center
107 E. Chestnut St.
Bloomington, IL 61701

For more information about the Creativity Center (309) 434-2777.
Donations to the Creativity Center can be sent to the Friends of the BCPA.

Current Friends of the BCPA board members
President- Vicki Tilton

Secretary- Lynn Splittstoesser 

Treasurer- Angie Serratos

Members at large: Jim Waldorf, Mike Kerber, Lakeesha James-Smith, Debra Hoelscher, Darrell Looney, Ken Ota and Amy O'Neil