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Volunteer for the BCPA
The BCPA Volunteers represent an elite group of hardworking individuals who share their pride and enthusiasm for the BCPA with every patron who walks through the door.  Currently, there are 170 volunteers who serve in various capacities for the over 400 BCPA Featured Events, Student Spotlight Events, BCPA Rentals, and Group Tours each year.

Following an application and training process, BCPA volunteers can work in the following roles during events:

  • Artist Merchandise Cashier
  • Arts Partner Parking Attendant
  • Bar/Concessions Cashier
  • Coat Check Attendant
  • Directions Usher
  • Main Floor and Balcony Usher

We also utilize volunteers in the following non-event related roles:

  • BCPA Docent
  • Community Engagement and Outreach Aide
  • Marketing and Flyer Distribution
  • Office Aide
We are always looking for new volunteers. Click here to apply!

For more information about becoming a BCPA volunteer, please contact Monica Adams, Coordinator of Volunteers, at (309) 434-2768 or